Custom rollers in your mailbox!? #yespelase!


I’ve been rolling myself with oils for a while now and I have my tried and trues.

My bibbity bobbity boos. lolz. But seriously. There’s a few I don’t go a day without.

For every 100pv via quick order I will send you one of my favies! (up to 300pv for 3 rollers)

100pv: Sacred Roller: Sacred Mountain

200pv: Dirty Hippie Roller: Frankincense, Cedarwood and Patchouli

300pv: Angel Warrior: Valor + White Angelica

Respond to this email ( with a screenshot of your order confirmation email and I’ll get your rollers in the mail!

*Applies to quick orders placed Tuesday February 27th through midnight mountain time, February 28th. US ONLY

*For my friends outside the US: place a 300pv order and get a $15 credit!