H E L L O ! 

If you're looking for the least likely person to ever use oils, you found her. My name is Danielle Burkleo and it's very ironic that here I am, not only using oils but also selling them. I can remember the exact moment, when it hit me, these things are actually working. Call me a skeptic, cause I am. I don't ever want to jump into something without being 1000% sure of it.  And here I am, jumping...


In December I started to pray over the word health for me, for my family, and for my loved ones for 2016. For so many reasons, I want this year to look so much different than the last.  As I am taking those steps and making those changes, I am walking this journey of health and wellness with the daily use of essential oils and couldn't be more thankful... or surprised. 

I'm married to the best guy and we've got five kids we're crazy about. I'm born and raised in upstate New York and blessed to still call it home. I love Jesus, really good food, laughing til I cry, and smelling my wrists all day long. You can follow along with me on instagram, and as a sometimes blogger, and an all-the-time graphic designer.